Best Blenders For Smoothies 2020


Smoothies are the most refreshing and healthiest drinks on the planet. However, when it comes to shopping for a good smoothie blender it can be tough. There are hundreds of different blender brands and models to choose from. Thus, making the choice of picking a blender so tough for people who don’t know what to look for, such as, performance, power, specifications, and what accessories come included with your purchase. These are all important things you need and want to know when it comes to choosing a new blender for smoothies or whatever it is you plan on using it for.

So what our staff has done for you, was handpicked some of the top rated and our best smoothie blenders on the market and created a list to help you choose from only the greatest blenders. We have included only the top brands of blenders that are worth your time taking a look at. So without further due, check out our 2020 list below and see which one looks right for you.

Best Blenders For Smoothies

Best Blenders For Smoothies

Blendtec Total Blender (WildSide Jar)

Best Blenders For Smoothies 2020

Hands down, this is our best performing smoothie blender on the market today. Not only for a smoothie but “best blender” in general for any objective you give it in the kitchen. The new Total Blender 5200 series introduces new precision 4” blades that will virtually chop through anything in their path. I’ve seen a video on Youtube where they blend an iPhone into dust.

The blades are made from ultra-hard stainless steel that is cold-forged for heavy duty usage. The single wingtip blade is designed to allow the ingredients to fall easier into the blades for best efficiency. It runs at 1,560 watts and spins the blades up to 29,000 times per minute! No wonder why they make very creamy and smooth smoothies.  Whether you are looking for a good smoothie maker or all-around blender this is the wild blender for you. For the money, this is our best blender for smoothies that will last without worrying about it breaking or stop working on you.

Vitamix 5200 Series Blender, Black

Top Rated Blenders For Smoothies

There is a reason why this blender got the “Vitamix 5200: ‘Best Overall’ Blender in Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice Awards”. It’s just a spectacular blender that does what exactly a blender should do. This versatile blender will be the most useful appliance in your kitchen. As well, it will be the toughest and most durable appliance too. After all, it does have a 7-year warranty which is speechless considering it being a blender for everyday use.

It creates smoothies, soups, frozen drinks and even desserts all at a perfect consistency for a smooth blend. It’s capable of chopping, blend, cream, heat and more with just one blender.  It’s a simple and easy to machine without any confusion.

It comes equipped with laser-cut stainless steel blades to ensure the greatest performance a blender can bring to the table. The 3” blades are made to ensure the perfect consistency every time.  It has a 2-peak HP motor which is more than you will ever need for any blender. Inside this sleek smoothie blender base, it has a radial fan cooling and a thermal protection system.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series ( Smoothie Blender Review )

Best Smoothie Blenders

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is currently our top smoothie maker systems on the market. More importantly, it’s a very most powerful blender equipped with a 900-watt motor and two extractor blades. This ensures you can blend or mix anything you need in just seconds.  It’s capable of grinding, chopping, shredder, and blend right at your fingertips.

It’s simple to use and its dishwasher safe as well easy to clean without a hassle like most blenders after a delicious smoothie. The NutriBullet Pro comes with a (15-PC) set which includes (1) High-torque Power Base, Two Extractor Blade, 1 Colossal Cup, two Tall Cups, (1) Short Cup, one Handled Lip Ring, (1) Regular Lip Ring, One Flip-Top To-Go Lid, TWO Stay-fresh Resealable Lids, (1) User Manual & Cookbook, One Pocket Nutritionist One Bonus Life Changing Recipes Book.

Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

Best Smoothie Blenders 2020

The Ninja Professional Blender is a top of the line, high powered and unreal performance with 1,100 watts powering the motor. It operates off three main speeds and a pulse. Comes with Total Crushing Technology which delivers unstoppable blade power that diminishes ice cubes, full fruits, and veggies right in front of your eyes within seconds. It’s easy for anyone in the family to make a refreshing cup(s) of fresh vitamins. It’s also dishware safe to make it easy and fast to clean.

It’s important to get nutrients and vitamins on a daily basis to maintain healthily. Start having a fresh smoothie for breakfast and lunch to see the difference in your energy levels. What does the Ninja Professional Blender all come with? Well, let’s see what’s inside waiting…

One 1100 Watt Motor Base, 72oz. Blender Pitcher, Blender Pitcher Lid, Total Crushing Blades, 2 Nutri Ninja Cups, Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor Blade, 2 Nutri Ninja To Go Lids, Instruction Book, Quick Start Guide and Inspiration Guide.

Waring Pro PBB225 Blender Review

Smoothie Blenders

When it comes to buying the best blenders for smoothies there are just a few things that you should make note of, easy operation and easy to clean. This new product, Waring Pro PBB225 Food and Beverage maker is portable and easy to use. It comes with a large 40-ounce cloverleaf carafe marked with metric and English graduations. You can now get the exact amount of smoothie that you need, no half glasses. This feature makes it easy to add the correct measure of ingredients for a perfect beverage. The waterfall mode of operation of the blender gives a perfect consistency for every smoothie.

The metal base gives it that sleek and stylish look. The base is heavy and has a strong grip, and has been built to be a more durable than the most common blender.

Easy to operate, just one switch with two modes of operations-High and Low. The maximum power output is 550 watts.

The glass jar and the lid can be easily washed in the dishwasher; no need to waste time hand-washing. Just plop the thing into the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes.

I recommend this blender to anyone who is looking for an attractive perfect piece of machinery, portable, easy to use and budget friendly.

Cuisinart PowerEdge Blender Review

Blender For Smoothies

The PowerEdge blender is made to do it all. Whether you need to blend up a quick smoothie before work in the morning to a protein shakes after the gym. It’s built with the die-cast metal housing to ensure its durability for every buyer. It includes a pre-programmed smoothie; high and low speed, ice crush, and pulse function.

This sleek and stylish design creates a powerful vortex to blend ingredients thoroughly for each and every smoothie. Powered by 1000 watts the PowerEdge Blender is one of Cuisinart’s most powerful blenders.  The 64oz, BPA-free, Tritan copolymer jar comes included with the drip-free pour and easy to grip handle. It’s the best smoothie blender ever and it works amazing!

Best Smoothie Blenders – Complete Buyer’s Guide

When buying the blender for you, I would recommend following a few important procedures before making your final decision. Follow the checklist to make sure you are making the right choice on our best smoothie blender to fit all your needs.

Lifespan: If you like smoothies just like me, I’m sure you have been through a few blenders as well. Going with a no name brand or low-quality blender usually, won’t make it past 4-6 months if used on a daily basis. I have learned that a few times in the past. Choosing a quality and reliable brand and spending the few extra dollars will pay off in the long run. I like to checks ratings and reviews from previous customers to what they have to say from their perspective.

Power Performance: Depending what the blender is going to be used for making sure the motor and watts are going to be enough for what you need. Check the motor and watts to see if the blender will perform for whatever your need to start blending.

Warranty: Oh, you didn’t check the warranty? Well, I recommend you do! See what kind of warranty the manufacturer offers to make sure it has a reasonable warranty.  Sometimes when I read the warranties they sell me right away others don’t sound good enough.

Size: Can be a crucial step when selecting a smoothie blender that’s getting added to the kitchen. Make sure it fits somewhere suitable for the kitchen and isn’t too big. Also depending on the size of the family or portion sizes you are going to make plays a factor as well.

Brands: One of the first things I like to is make sure it a respectable brand. Buy off brand items and appliances tend to break quicker. Some top recommended I suggest to go with is Vitamix, Blendtec, Hamilton Beach, Ninja, Oster, and NutriBullet.

Number of Speeds: The average blender normally has between 3 to 16 speeds. I find 3 speeds to always work just fine for me. I find the three different speed ones to work perfectly fine for me.

What’s Included: Always check what’s included inside the box. Some blenders will come with extras, such as cups or recipe books. You can find combos sometimes for the same price or $10 more. Take advantage of deals like these that have a set included like This “NutriBullet Smoothie Juicer” that comes with a lot of extras.

5 Reasons to Start Making Smoothies

Wonder why so many people are drinking healthy smoothies on a daily basis? Well, in fact, they are one of the healthiest drinks when fruits and veggies are in the mix. When drinking a healthy smoothie you are consuming the most natural nutrients possible. I want to go over 5 main reasons why you should start thinking about consuming a healthy smoothie on a daily basis. Having the best smoothie blender is crucial when making a smoothie that is just perfect all around.

  • Getting your daily recommended intake of veggies and fruits. Staying healthy involves eating right and taking the daily recommendation of vegetables and fruits. This sometimes can be a difficult task to fill on a daily basis which is why smoothies can be so convenient. They are quick to make and packed with nutrients and natural energy which work great for a morning boost.
  • Smoothies work weight loss wonders. Smoothies have been incorporated into thousands of weight loss programs. Smoothies contain a very low-calorie intake but yet can be a very filling drink. Smoothies contain a high amount of water and fiber; it will feel like you just ate a full 3-course dinner after one cup.
  • Good for your digestive systems. Because smoothies are a liquid it easy for our bodies to break it down. Your body does not need to work as hard break down what’s already broken down. Smoothies are commonly used as a detox for flushing your body and are known to improve your immune system.
  • Easy, quick and the best breakfast. What’s better for breakfast than something that takes a few minutes to make and can be taken on the go. The natural source of energy from a smoothie in the morning can make a big difference.  Being extremely rich in fiber, magnesium and other nutrients from the ingredients you use to do the body all types of good.
  • Kids love them. Kids love smoothies which make it easy for you to get them eating their fruits and vegetables. Getting kids to consume these fruits and veggies can be a difficult task but when they are in a smoothie, they just can’t get enough.


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