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Do you admire someone else’s cutting board because it seems to be better than yours? You may just be looking for a cheap cutting board, or you may be looking for the best cutting board that will last you a lifetime…you can find reviews for both kinds here!

Cheap or high grade plastic, wood or bamboo, thick blocks and thin composite boards, I have tried them all. Some of the cutting boards you may cringe away by just glancing at the price, but don’t judge it before you read my cutting board reviews.

But before you decide which kind of cutting board you’re looking for, why not spend a few minutes to read my post on how to choose the best cutting board that you’ll love to use again and again.

How To Choose The Best Cutting Board

Cutting boards are made of a few kinds of material. They all have their pros and cons so I cannot say which material is the absolute best one. The best I can do is to elaborate on those pros and cons and let you find out which is your best cutting board.

Types of cutting boards

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Composite

I would put cutting boards into two categories – one that is cheap, needs very little maintenance, but is not durable so prepare to throw it away as soon as it’s done for; the other one is at a sky-high price, needs more care, but will last many many years.

If you don’t think you want to invest in an expensive cutting board, go for the plastic or composite ones. There are wood and bamboo ones at a cheap price, but since the price is a strong indicator of durability, it’s not worth the effort in maintenance (hand washing and treating with oil) anyway.

There are a few things to note when picking a cutting board:

  1. Easy to clean
  2. Kind to knives
  3. Material and Construction
  4. Durable or Disposable
  5. Non-slip
  6. Large cutting space
  7. Attractiveness and Storage

If you can afford it and don’t mind hand washing, wood and bamboo cutting boards are great. End grain cutting boards are the best cutting boards. Well, can’t fit everything in here, so click over to read my post on How to Choose a Cutting Board for more tips.

How to Clean and Care for Your Cutting Board

Care for your cutting board and it will care for you. Your cutting board comes into contact with almost all of your food, so how do you keep it clean, sanitized, and safe for use? How do you get rid of the odors and stains that are an eye-sore?

Different types of cutting boards need different care, and here are a few ways:

  • Machine-wash
  • Hand-wash
  • Sanitizing
  • Getting rid of odors
  • Treating with oil

Read my post for a step by step guide on washing, sanitizing, and getting rid of odors and stains. My post also includes tips on treating wood and bamboo cutting boards with oil to avoid them cracking.

Best Cutting Board

Best Cutting Board

Ok, here are my top pick best cutting boards reviews, with the best model chosen for each type of cutting board.

1. Best Plastic Cutting Board

Best Cutting Board 2020This Oxo Good Grips 10-1/2-by-15-Inch Utility Cutting Board is far by the best plastic cutting board. It is made with quality and the user’s convenience in mind, and it’s not expensive at all!


1) Stays in Place
The rubber edge of this cutting board keeps the board in place while you cut and slice, which means you can make precise cuts without ever worrying that you’ll end up with unevenly cut food or a sliced finger.

2) Keeps your Counter Clean
Shallow grooves run the two lengths of the Oxo Good Grips 10-1/2-by-15-Inch Utility Cutting Board, which serves to trap the liquids from whatever you’re cutting and keep your counter clean. So unless you’re cutting something that will squirt juices, you don’t have to wipe the counter each time.

3) Lightweight but Firm
A plastic cutting board should always be light enough to pick up with all the chopped ingredients on it so that the food can be transferred to a plate or bowl. This cutting board is firm and lightweight for you to take it up with one hand and transfer the food with another.

4) Easy to Clean
It’s easy to hand wash this cutting board or put it into the dishwasher after use. It doesn’t warp in the dishwasher because it’s thick and sturdy enough, but I still prefer to hand wash all my plastic cutting boards to make sure they get really clean.


1) No Handle
If you must have a handle for your cutting board then this is not it.

2) Not for Big Cleavers
This cutting board handles regular knives well, won’t dull the knives, but big and sharp cleavers will scratch the surface. This is a plastic cutting board after all.

2. Best Wood Cutting Board

Best Plastic Cutting Boards 2020This John Boos Reversible Maple Cutting Board is made of edge grain maple, which is the best wood material with the exception of end grain which will cost more. Even the professional chefs love this board and many of them have this best wood cutting board on food TV.

Sturdy and heavy
This cutting board is a big block of wood. You’ll enjoy cutting on this board if you cook a lot because it sits resolutely on your counter and pretend it’s part of your counter. If you’re the sort who likes to pick up the cutting board to transfer food to the bowl, this is not for you.

This beautiful block of wood has grooves on each side for you to pick it up with, but some would feel that it’s rather heavy to carry. Best to use it somewhere near the sink, so you don’t have to carry it far to wash.

Big cutting area
This John Boos Reversible Maple Cutting Board is really big, even for the smallest size (there are several sizes and thickness to choose from). It feels really good to have plenty of cutting area left when there are already small piles of food on the side.

That being said, if you have a small kitchen, you might want to measure available space first. This is one cutting board that you won’t store away after each use (it’s so beautiful. And heavy.)

Needs regular oiling
John Boos has something called a Mystery Oil for their boards but you can also use mineral oil which can be bought from Walmart or any drugstore. Give the board a good oiling when you first get it since it has been sitting dry in the store for a while, then oil it regularly to avoid the wood splitting from dryness.

This piece of quality wood cutting block isn’t cheap, but it’s worth the money spent because it will last you much longer than its worth in plastic boards, and it definitely lets you feel more professional using it.

3. Best Bamboo Cutting Board

Best Wooden Cutting Board 2020

I highly recommend this bamboo cutting board. Architec The Gripper 10-by-14-Inch Bamboo Cutting Board is the best bamboo cutting board I would buy again and again.

Best Feature – Gripper feet
Called The Gripper, this bamboo cutting board grips the counter top with its rubber feet, keeping it in place while you cut, dice and slice. These feet are not glued on, but built into the wood, so that they won’t come off.

The feet keeps the cutting board above the counter top too, so you can get hold of it and pick it up easily. This helps quicken the drying of the board after washing too.

Architec The Gripper 10-by-14-Inch Bamboo Cutting Board has all the advantages of a bamboo cutting board, and the disadvantages of one. Here are the main highlights:

1) Lightweight
It’s light enough to pick up and transfer the food into a bowl or plate.

2) Environment friendly
Bamboo is not only more hygiene, it is a very renewable resource. Bamboo grows a lot faster than wood and it is definitely much greener than plastic.

3) Affordable
This doesn’t cost much at all. It’s good to buy an affordable cutting board because they will eventually need to be replaced.

4) Scratches, but is kind to knives
The surface does scratch a bit, but this only means that it is kind to your knives. The good thing with this bamboo cutting board is that it becomes seasoned after some use and washing, so even if you can still see the scratches, it is stronger and won’t develop deep cut grooves.

5) Hand wash only
Just like wood cutting boards, this is not dishwasher safe and you’ll have to hand wash it. Not a problem for me because I want to ensure my cutting boards are really thoroughly washed anyway.

6) Needs regular maintenance
This needs to be oiled regularly, more often when it is new, and less often after a month or so. Some reviewers suggest using mineral oil from the drugstore or coconut oil if you don’t want to get the more expensive bamboo oil.

Did I say I love the Architec The Gripper 10-by-14-Inch Bamboo Cutting Board for its safe grip? Get this bamboo cutting board, you won’t regret it.


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