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Are you fond of smoked food? Does the smell of smoked meat water your mouth and spark your appetite? Then don’t let your appetite be spoiled just because of the mess associated with traditional smoking of food. With a wide variety of electric food smokers available today in the market, smoking your favorite food has become much easier and your taste buds have to wait lesser for the delicious meat to be perfectly smoked. Moreover, the food smoked in most of the best barbecue smokers taste like heaven.

However, where the mess of smoking the food has been reduced by electric smokers, choosing the best electric smoker itself has become very messy especially when there is a huge range of food smokers to choose from. But luckily, you don’t need to worry; the electric meat smoker that suits your needs the best is out there. All you need is a candid comparison and useful review about the various types of electric smokers. That’s what we are here for. With our well sorted out reviews, we would help you choose the best electric smoker that suits your need and serves your appetite with perfectly smoked food. With our reviews of the top rated electric smokers, you would certainly be able to narrow down your choices and get to your most suited, best bbq smoker.

Types of Electric Smokers

Before you can decide which company’s electric smoker to buy, it’s important to first decide the type of electric smoker you would prefer. So let’s move on with our first step and get ourselves acquainted with the types of electric smokers available in the market;

1. Vertical Water Electric Smokers:

This type of electric smokers is preferable if you are looking for an economical choice. However, although they are more affordable smokers, but these vertical water electric smokers have a disadvantage that they work at their best only in warm weather. When it’s cold, they cannot maintain their core temperature. It means that if you are going to smoke food in warm weather most of the time, then this type of electric smoker would work well for you. However, if you are going to use them in cold weather very often, they may not suit you the best.

2. Electric Cabinet Smokers:

These electric smokers which look very much like a small refrigerator have an added advantage of a temperature gauge which gives you a liberty to control the core temperature and maintain it at your desired level. In short they give you more control of entire smoking process as compared to the vertical electric smokers. However, if you prefer a more automated smoking of food and do not want to control the temperature every now and then, you may prefer the vertical water electric smokers instead. Though these smokers are a bit costly as compared to the vertical electric smokers, but they ensure that your meat is smoked well to the best of its taste using your own, preferred temperature settings.

Advantages of Using an Electric Smoker

Although traditional smoking does have a great charm but at the same time it has lots of disadvantages associated with it. Electric smokers rid you of most of the mess associated with traditional smoking and that too without depriving your taste buds of that delicious, perfectly smoked meat. Let us have a look at why these smokers sell like hot cakes;

  • If you are a kind of person who values convenience, electric smokers would perfectly serve the purpose. Convenience is the biggest plus point of these meat smokers. They let you cook smoked meat without demanding much expertise as is needed for traditional smoking. Just put in the meat and forget about it until it is perfectly smoked and ready to eat. They work more like microwave ovens when it comes to convenience.
  • With electronic smokers, food smoking is not a full time job anymore. You don’t have to stand by for hours. You are free to take care of other home chores while your meat is being smoked.
  • Another great advantage associated with electronic food smokers is the time factor. They smoke your food in a much lesser time period than the traditional smoking.
  • The temperature control gauge with most electric smokers today lets you smoke the food at your desired temperature which means you can use them to cook anything from barbecue to cheese and fish. From intense smoking to lightly smoked food, these electric smokers give you the liberty to cook anything and everything to the extent you want.
  • While electric smokers give you more convenience, saves much of your precious time and allows you to perform other duties alongside, they don’t do so at the cost of taste. Your smoked food tastes as good as it would in traditional smoking. So, there is no compromise on taste at all.

Best Electric Smokers

Best Electric Smokers

Given below is a brief but comprehensive review of the top most electric smokers for sale today in the market. Depending upon their customer ratings, their size, weight and features, you can choose the one that suits your needs. Let us have a look at the top 3 electric smokers and why they are at the top right now.

1. Masterbuilt 20070910 30-inch electric smokehouse:

Best Electric Smokers 2020this master built electric smoker weighs 52 pounds and has a steel body that is powder coated in black. Its 4 spacious racks allow it to hold lots of food to be smoked. Its push button panel that features a digital control is very convenient to use. Moreover, what makes it one of the best electric smokers is its digital timer along with an auto shut off feature. Its 100% insulation makes Materbuilt 20070910 Smokehouse a very energy efficient equipment. The thermostat that allows you to control the temperature at any stage makes it a perfect choice for those who are looking for more control while they smoke their food according to their own taste. Without any doubt, this all in one equipment with 4 stars out of 5 deserves a high place in our list of best electric smokers.

2. Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker:

Best Rated Electric Smokers 2020

Here is another great electric smoker for sale that gives tough competition to most top electric smokers in the market with its straight 4.7 stars out of 5. The ranking given to this electric smoker by the customers speaks of its ultimate excellence itself. This light weight electronic smoker is easy to carry and portability is without any doubt one of its greatest plus points besides its other great features. Smokin-It Model 1 electric smoker weighs 57 pounds and it is 20.4 inches in height, 19 inches wide and has a depth of 15 inches. The fact that it comes with four wheels in the pack makes it even more easily portable. These wheels come in the package and can be easily attached to the base if you need. In spite of its small size, the Smokin-it Model #1 electric smoker gives you a cooking space of 2911 cubic inches. The entire body including the racks is made of stainless steel which adds to its durability and ensures a greater life and a rust free life. To add to that, there are no rubber parts or no plastic parts in this electric smoker which means no cracking and also added durability once again.

Moreover, the fiberglass insulation ensures that the heat is not lost and temperature is maintained. Besides that, it consumes lesser energy which means lower energy bills. With 4.7 stars out of five, this equipment beats most other competitors when it comes to winning consumers’ trust. However, this electric smoker lacks in a few areas. It does not have an automatic shut off feature, nor does it have a thermostat feature which means you cannot adjust the temperature.

3. Bradley Smoker BTDS76P 990216 Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker:

The Best Electric Smokers

With 3.7 stars out of 5, Bradley Smoker BTDS76P 990216 Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker certainly deserves a place in our list of best electric smokers. It is a 4 rack outdoor smoker. One of greatest advantages of Bradley Smoker BTDS76P 990216 Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker includes its adjustable temperature settings along with the adjustable timer and adjustable smoke settings. This means that you have an even greater control over the entire smoking process, more than any other bbq smoker offers right now. You can choose the temperate on which to smoke your food, you can control the amount of smoke to be given to your food and you can decide how long to smoke the food.

Moreover, this smoker is made of durable stainless steel which means a longer life, and it measures 14 by 24 by 31 inches which gives enough cooking space. Although its user friendly digital control system has earned it a high rank among its competitors.


When it comes to selecting the best electric smokers, the definition of best would vary from person to person e.g. for some, thermostat would be a must as it gives them more control while for others, this very same feature would be nothing but a mess as they would prefer a smoker in which they put the food and forget about it until it is perfectly smoked. For some, a bigger size food smoker would be suitable while for others, moderate size smoker which is more portable would do the task. So what is the best electric smoker? What’s best for you simply depends on your own preferences. We have given you a thorough description of the best food smokers which are popular among users, irrespective of the stars each product gets, choose the one that serves your needs the best. With the uncountable brands of electric smokers for sale today in the market, we hope that this article was helpful in letting you narrow down your choices and finally getting you to the best electric smoker to buy, which actually is the best for YOU. Happy buying! Enjoy the deliciously smoked, appetite sparking food cooked with perfect convenience.


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