Best Ninja Blenders 2020


Best Ninja Blenders. It is seen and observed that people get confused when it comes to select a good-to-use either for crushing ice, making purees, smoothies and blends. However, you do not have to worry at all because I have researched thoroughly and compiled a list of the best of all blenders and I hope that you will find the one which will meet your needs. Listed below are the top 10 Ninja blenders.

Best Ninja Blenders

Best Ninja Blenders

Ninja Master Prep QB900B Blender:

Best Ninja Blenders 2020

Everyone has its own requirements with the blender they are looking for. Some want to dice and chop vegetables, whereas others want to make purees and smoothies. However, after a thorough public survey and reviews, we came to the point that Ninja Master Prep is one the rare blenders that has satisfied majority of the consumers satisfying almost every need of theirs.

Master Prep is the multi-talented machine that crushes ice within seconds, chops vegetables evenly and makes creamy smoothies of frozen fruits. It has a large one-touch pulsing button that gives users an ultimate control over the machine to get consistent results.

The Master Prep has no-slip bases and its chopper keep everything clean. Also, the lids provided with the blender, for storage, will keep your food fresh and all detachable parts are safe to wash.

  • Model : QB900B
  • Power : 400 Watts
  • Speeds : Pulse Technology
  • Pitcher Capacity : 48 oz. (6 cups)
  • Chopper Bowl Capacity : 16 oz. (2 cups)
  • Blade Technology : Stacked blade technology
  • Attachments : 6-blade and 4-blade set
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe

Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve Blending Cups:

Best Ninja Blender

Another high-end machine that can help to get your kitchen work done easily yet efficiently is Ninja Professional Blender. The Professional Blender features a sleek design with powerful battery of 1000 watts having Total Crushing Technology.

The Total Crushing Technology makes it easier to crush ice into snow and chop, mince and dice ingredients in a glance. The 72 oz. (9 cups) jar is ultimate to make smoothies and drinks for entire family.

  • Model : NJ600
  • Power : 1000 Watts
  • Speeds : 3 Speeds + Pulse
  • Pitcher Capacity : 72 oz. (9 cups)
  • Blade Technology : Total Crushing Technology
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Blender:

Ninja Blenders 2020

Ninja mega Kitchen System is one of the ultimate food processing machines having all the functionalities you may be looking for in a kitchen system. Its 2+ HP motor enables you to handle the endless tasks such as mincing, dicing and chopping and let you focus on cooking, savoring and serving.

Along with the regular kitchen tasks mentioned above, it also helps you to extract Vitamin and Nutrient from fruits and vegetables. Having the Total Crush Technology blades makes it easier for the machine to blast ice into snow, within seconds, and blend ingredients into your favorite smoothies and sauces.

  • Model : BL770
  • Power : 1500 Watts/2+ HP
  • Speeds : 3 Speeds + Pulse
  • Pitcher Capacity : 72 oz. (9 cups)
  • Blade Technology : Total Crushing Technology
  • Food Processor Bowl Capacity : 64 oz. (8 cups)
  • Food Processor Blade Attachments : Chopping Blade and Dough Blade
  • Nutri Cup Capacity : 16 oz. (2 cups)
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe

Ninja BL700 Kitchen System 1200 Blender:

Best Ninja Blenders Reviews

Ninja Kitchen System 1200 is listed amongst the most powerful yet efficient kitchen systems available in the world. Featuring powerful machine of 1100 watts, this magnificent kitchen system is able to make dough as well as blending and food processing needs.

Thi Kitchen System 1200 features 3 modes dough, blend and crush with pulse speed. These 3 modes give you a wide variety of skills such as Dough mode will help you mould dough into creative pizzas, cookies and breads, Crush mode will blast ice into snow and Blend mode will blend vegetables and fruits with a controlled processing using Pulse button.

  • Model : BL700
  • Power : 1100 Watts
  • Speeds : 3 Speeds + Pulse
  • Pitcher Capacity : 72 oz. (9 cups)
  • Blade Technology : Total Crushing Technology
  • Food Processor Bowl Capacity : 40 oz. (5 cups)
  • Food Processor Blade Attachments : Dough Blade, Chopping Blade, Dough Paddle
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe

Ninja Ultima Blender Plus BL830:

Best Ninja Blenders Reviews 2020

Ninja Ultima Blender is one of the speediest blenders that get your limitless work done within seconds, giving you the time to focus on cooking and serving the meal. Having speed beyond the professional blade speed, it offers performance to get chef-inspired outcomes at home.

Ninja Ultima is one of the very few blenders, available in the market, having Dual Stage Blending (Total Crushing and High Speed Cyclonic Technology). Featuring Total Crushing blades crush ice into snow smoothly whereas the Cyclonic blades make creamy purees.

Along with the controlled processing option through pulse button, it also offers a speed gauge, known as Pro Variable Speed, having 10 speed-controls to control processing speed more precisely. It can be effectively used for extracting Nutrition and Vitamins from fruit and vegetables.

  • Model : BL830
  • Power : 1500 Watts/2.5 HP
  • Speeds : Pro Variable Speed, 10 Speeds + Pulse
  • Pitcher Capacity : 72 oz. (9 cups)
  • Blade Technology : Dual Stage Blending (Total Crushing & High Speed Cyclonic Technology)
  • Blade Material : Stainless Steel
  • Nutri Cup Capacity : 16 oz. (2 cups)
  • Nutri Cups Included : 3
  • Cord Length : 3 feet
  • Warranty : 2 Year
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe

Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender, Chopper and Ice Crusher:

Top Ninja Blenders

Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender is one of the cost-effective blenders which will help you get your tedious tasks done in seconds. This professional machine not only crushes ice into snow but it takes it to a further step making ice into ice-cream.

This professional blender is also capable of making smoothies of frozen fruit with low calories and can chop and dice vegetables evenly. The product comes with 2 Master Prep Bowls (16 oz. each), 1 Master Prep Advantage Bowl (40 oz.) and 1 Master Prep Pitcher (48 oz.).

Its machine’s enormous power and sharp professional blades gives it an edge over other, so called, professional blenders. So whether you want to chop vegetables, crush ice into snow or make smoothies, Master Prep Professional is the right choice for you.

  • Acquire less space due to compact design.
  • Measures 11.8 x 7.1 x 10.6 inches and weighs 6.8 pounds.
  • It comes with a powerful, 450W motor.
  • Dishwasher safe parts allow for convenient cleaning.
  • The product can chop and blend 2 times faster than its other counterparts.
  • Pitchers, bowls included for multiple operations
  • Easy to assemble

Ninja Ultra Kitchen System 1200 Blender & Food Processor:

Top 10 Ninja Blenders

When it comes to buy a kitchen system, most of the people are concerned about the space and functionalities of the kitchen system. A kitchen system must be space-savvy and capable to perform almost every task you need to do in kitchen.

So, if you are having the same concerns with your kitchen system, then Ninja Ultra Kitchen System 1200 needs your consideration. Ultra Kitchen System 1200 is a powerful yet efficient kitchen system featuring 1200 watts powerful machine that takes seconds to get done your kitchen-related tasks.

The product comes with an XL pitcher (72 oz.) with pour spout and 8 cup processing bowls. It also contains 3 BPA-free single serve cups (16 oz. each) equipped with travel lids and blending blades. The Ultra Kitchen System 1200 is dishwasher safe too.

  • 1200Watt, 1.5Horsepower – Blending & Food Processing System
  • Total Crushing Technology™
  • XL 72oz. Blending Jar
  • 3 Single Serve Blending Cups for drinks on the go
  • XL 8 Cup Food Processor Bowl – make 2 lbs. of dough in 30 seconds
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts: Yes
  • BPA Free: Yes
  • Number of Containers: 5
  • Dimensions: 11″ L x 16.8″ W x 16.5″ H
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Warranty: One (1) Year Warranty

Nutri Ninja Pro BL450 Blender:

10 Best Ninja Blender Reviews 2020

If you are looking for a professional blender to unlock all natural benefits of vegetables and fruits, then Nutri Ninja Pro (BL450) would be the right choice for you. Its 900 watts powerful engine breaks down fruits and vegetables to make nutrient rich juices.

Its extractor blades crushes ice, stems, seeds and skins for smooth blends and purees of your favorite ingredients. It gives you a nutritious kind of beverage and the taste you have not tasted before. All you need is to pour your favorite vegetables, fruits and ice cubes in the container and it will give you a creamy smoothie on the go.

  • Model : BL450
  • Power : 900 Watts
  • Speeds : Pulse Technology
  • Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction
  • Nutri Cup Capacity : (1) 18 oz. and (1) 24 oz.
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL204 Blender:

Top Rated Ninja Blenders

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL204) would be a perfect choice for those who are looking to have both Total Crush Technology and Nutri Ninja Cups for all their kitchen needs. Having enormous power of 700 watts, it blends mouth-watering drinks and creamy smoothies on the go.

Total Crushing Technology makes it able to pulverize through ice, whole vegetables and fruits within seconds. It also helps in blending your favorite vegetable and fruits into yummilicious dips, smoothies and sauces. In short, you can have a cup of goodness made up of whole fruits and vegetables.

  • Model : BL204
  • Power : 700 Watts
  • Speeds : Pulse Technology
  • Bowl Capacity : 40 oz. (5 cups)
  • Blade Technology : Total Crushing Technology
  • Attachments : Total Crushing Blades, Dough Hook, Dough Paddle
  • Nutri Cup Capacity : 16 oz. (2 cups)
  • Nutri Cups Included : 3
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe

Ninja BL660 Professional Blender:

Best Ninja Blenders To Buy

The last but not the least is Ninja BL660 Professional Blender. Sleek design with high-powered innovative tool gives an outstanding performance. It has a supersized multi-tasking pitcher (72 oz.) perfect for a family.

Its high-end powerful machine of 1000 watts with Pulse button gives you a consistent yet controlled processing. Whether you want to blend delicious drinks, crush ice, chop vegetables and fruits or make yummilicious smoothies,  BL660 Professional Blender will get it done in a blaze.

  • Number of Speeds : 4
  • Pitcher/Carafe Material : Plastic
  • Ice Crushing : Yes
  • Pulse : Yes
  • Wattage : 1100
  • BPA Free : Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts : Yes
  • Capacity : Up to 72 oz.
  • Warranty Terms : Parts : 1 year
  • Warranty Terms : Labor – 1 year

Best Ninja Blenders – Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose the Ultimate Blender?

When it comes to pick-up a blender, the first and the foremost thing that will help you select the best is what you want it get done for you as there are no predefined particular parameters on which you can evaluate that can meet all your kitchen needs.

However, listed below are few basic parameters that you should look before deciding whether to purchase it or not.

  • Machine Power
  • Container Capacity
  • Operating Modes
  • Blade Technology
  • Additional Containers/Accessories
  • BPA-Free
  • Warranty

Along with the above mentioned basic parameters, you should also check the cost-effectiveness, durability and public/consumer reviews about the product you are willing to purchase. If all these things will be kept in mind while buying a blender, I am sure that you would make the right choice and you won’t be regret of it.

The Ninja Blades

Although this blender might seem like a dream thanks to all the features it brings and thanks to the great price it has (almost a quarter of the price commercial ones such as Vitamix and Blendtec have) it does have its flaws. If you’re not careful, you might get hurt while using it.

One of the main components, the blades, although advertised as one of the best features of the blender, can cause a lot of pain due to their sharpness. The Ninja blades want blood and you have to be extra careful while using them, especially when you want to clean the blender thoroughly and plan on taking them out to wash them. They are super sharp and designed to cut everything that comes in contact with them, so pay extra attention when handling them. If you value your fingers, that is.

Bottom line is, although the extra sharp blades can prove to be one of the main features of the blender because they can cut and crushes everything, including peanuts, they can be very dangerous when handling them. These Ninja blades truly deserve their name.

You Can Use It Safely:

When you start the blender, there is no way to open the blender while the blades are working. So, it is very safe to use & the chances of accidents are less while you are using the blender.

Incredible motor power:

Ninja blender also has a good quality motor which will help to do various functions like chopping, blending very easily with a great speed. You can adjust the speed of the motor depending upon your recipe’s requirement.

Extra large pitcher:

This blender has one extra large pitcher which will help you to make tasty food for your family & friends.

Easily washable:

You can wash the blender easily with soap water. It is always advisable to wash the blades with a soft brush very carefully as the blades are very sharp it can easily hurt you. It is one of the unique features of this blender. You do not have spent your time in finding various ways of cleaning this blender.

Comfortable & Easy to use:

You do not have to call anybody for showing the demo of this product. You can use it easily by your own. You will get a user manual with the pack. You can read the instruction & use it manually.

Various quality of this blender:

This blender is not only done the work of blending; it can also do the work of slicing, dicing etc. You can use it in your own way as per your recipe’s requirements. You do not have to hold a button to make the blender working for you. Only you have to push the start button, then you can do your other work. Then the blender can easily do the work of blending & mixing by its own.  You can make smoothies to ice creams, butter from grinding the nuts, fruit juice & bread cramps. You cannot make hot soup in the blender & you are also unable to mix dough with the help of blender.

Comes in handy:

Ninja blender really comes in handy to the new age homemaker. It includes a bowl, a lid, one splash guard, one pitcher & a good recipe book which will give you the idea that how will you can utilize this machine in various way.


Every individual in the world has his/her own choice and perspective about different products. If someone would have asked me to make a choice among the above mentioned top 10 blenders, my choice would surely be Ninja Mega Kitchen System as it has such features that are unavoidable and cannot be ignored while making a purchase.

And, it is not only about the features of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System, I have read numerous positive reviews from the users/buyers of this product and it seems, from their reviews, that they are well-satisfied with the functionality of the product.

All blenders, mentioned above, are efficient and have their own importance according to their functionalities. So, I hope that you may have found your ultimate blender from the list of top 10 Best Ninja blenders and, reviews and parameters would have helped you in making decision to buy.


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